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    The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (B.T.A.A.) offers a training program nationally accredited by the Australian government and by many other countries (New Zeeland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Canada, some states in the USA). We favor a modular system consisting of 4 x 4 day seminars of training, taking you from the introductory module through to your accreditation. Thousands of students have already undertaken Academy training and have appreciated this modular format.

    In-depth experience

    The 4 training seminars offer the student adequate time to assimilate the material presented, to gain good understanding through practical experience and a chance to experience the effectiveness and therapeutic potential of the Bowen Technique on their own body. Our promise to you is that if you use the Bowen Technique in the way we demonstrate it, the most outstanding results can be achieved.

    Outstanding course material

    Students receive the most comprehensive and detailed training manuals, with charts and explanatory notes, translated in all the languages of the countries were seminars are organized.

    On-going training and support

    Even after your accreditation as a Bowen practitioner, we offer post-graduate training by way of “specialized” Bowen courses. The specialized work is very profound and part of the learning process, which not only enhances your practical skills but also deepens your understanding and appreciation of Tom Bowen’s work. There is also a supporting network of over 100 qualified instructors worldwide who may be contacted for advice.

    Our supportive network

    As a Bowen Academy student, you become part of a much bigger “community”. We like to think that you don’t just attend a course but that you become part of a family that is ever growing and into which you become an important part. You will then belong to a group of people, get to know them, relay on and who will provide support for you. We share common goals and objectives; we share our years of knowledge and aim to give you the best start we can in your career as a Bowen practitioner.

    A significant experience

    When people train in the Bowen technique they often find that it is a turning point in their life; a deeply profound and significant experience. Our instructors have already experienced this turning point and we are committed to ensuring that you get the most from your training and that it is enjoyable and memorable for you.

    We make it simple

    Although Bowen is a dynamic and profound technique, we aim to keep the training as simple as possible. Too many people like to complicate the learning process and make the technique ‘sophisticated’ and ‘mystic’ in some way, perhaps even offering their own interpretation of it. Tom Bowen’s philosophy was just the opposite; to keep things simple, but at the same time ‘do the simple things well’.
We make sure that The Bowen Technique is taught simply.

    Andrew Zoppos :

    Senior international instructor of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia is dedicated to preserving the technique and ensuring that it is taught in its original and pure form, as it was taught to him by Oswald Rentsch, the man authorized by Tom Bowen to teach his work.

The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

9 to 12 months training comprising of 7 modules

    The Bowtech training consists of four courses of four days each, organized approximately every 3 months. This time between courses is necessary for the students to practice what they learned and to get accustomed with the procedures.
    The classes are held by an accredited instructor of Bowtech, in English language and all the manuals are in English language.

    The first three courses are comprising two modules each and at the last one, at module 7 (approx. 9-12 months from the beginning of training), takes place the written and practical assessment for acquiring the practitioner diploma, issued by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech).

Module 1 & 2 4 days basic course (32 hours)
You will receive the most comprehensive and detailed
training manuals, with charts and explanatory notes.
- For practice with family and friends
cost: € 400.00
Module 3 & 4 4 days course (32 hours)
- revision of module 1+2
- including new manual with new specific procedures
for sport injuries and general pathologies
cost: € 400.00
Module 5 & 6 4 days course (32 hours)
- revision of all previous modules
- including new manual with new specific procedures
for professional standards
- written and practical assessment
cost: € 400.00
Module 7 2 days revision + 2 days course (32 hours)
- The first 2 days - revision of all procedures
- The 3rd and 4th days - written examination and practical assessment
cost: € 400.00

    IMPORTANT: The necessary criteria for obtaining the Bowen Proficiency Diploma, issued by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and for becoming a member of the local Practitioners’ Association, affiliated with B.T.A.A. are:

1. Completion of Module 7 (128 hours minimum)
2. Successful completion of written and practical exams from Module 7
3. Handing in of 10 case studies
4. 80 hours Anatomy and Physiology
5. Senior first aid certificate

    Being a member of local Practitioners’ Association will give you the right to have your name listed on the, on the local association site and participate at “Advanced” and “Masters” optional courses.
    In order to keep your Asociation membership, it’s necessary to attend a two days Bowen course once a year, or a four days course every two years, for revision purposes and for maintaining the accuracy of the technique.

Optional courses

P.T.C. Module 8 - 2 days revision, qualifying you for attending
Advanced course (16 hours)
- 2 days Proffesional Therapists’ Course, includes new procedures and complex approaches, combinations and protocols for chronic conditions
- Handing out of diplomas.
- Instructor: Andrew Zoppos
cost: € 400.00
Module 9 S.B.P.1 – Advanced 1 (2 days, 16 hours)
- At least 9 months after graduating module 7
- New manual, 12 new specialized procedures that will assist
you with difficult cases, chronic and neurological conditions
- Instructor: Andrew Zoppos
cost: € 400.00
Module 10 Advanced 2 (2 days, 16 hours)
- At least 6 months after module 9
- Revision of all module 9 procedures, new procedures plus written and practical assessment, obtaining diploma for S.B.P.1
- Instructor: Andrew Zoppos
cost: € 300.00
Module 11 S.B.P.2 - Master course (2 days, 16 hours)
- At least 6 months after module 10
- Including new manual and new procedures.
- Instructor: Andrew Zoppos
cost: € 400.00
Module 12 Masters 2 (2 days, 16 hours)
- At least 6 months after module 11
- revision of all module 11 procedures,
- written and practical assessment, obtaining diploma for S.P.2.
- Instructor: Andrew Zoppos
cost: € 400.00

    In order to secure your participation, a deposit of 100 Eur should be paid at our office. In case of cancellation, participants should announce the office at least three weeks before the course begins; otherwise the deposit is not refundable. The rest of the seminar fees must be paid in the first day of the seminar.
    If the necessary number of students is not gathered, the organizer can change the dates and will inform the participants in due time (at least one month in advance).

    The attendance at Bowen courses requires for you to have:
Short cut nails (after the procedures demonstrations you will learn to do the moves practicing on each other, and for the correct positioning we will work on bare skin, so we must make sure we won’t leave marks on our colleagues)
Comfortable clothing and “working equipment” – short trousers or bathing suit, so on.
An eye liner (to mark the correct position of the moves on the skin)
Two big towels (one to have on the massage tables for you to lay on and the other to cover you)
A notebook to take notes
Good mood!

    The course starts at 09 a.m. and finishes at 17.00 p.m. every day. There will be two coffee breaks (one in the morning and the second in the afternoon), for which we shall provide water, tea, coffee, biscuits, cookies, etc and a lunch break between 13.00 -14.15, when everybody should choose on its own where to have lunch.

    For further information, please contact the local office or the designated instructor.