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By Andrew Zoppos

Dip.CM., V.S.M., M.C.M.A., B.T., M.B.T.A.A., M.R. P.H., C.H., M.V.C.C.H

Senior, international instructor and honorary life member of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

Gathering the lecturer’s experience of over 27 years of practice with the Bowen technique, this course is aiming to answer to all pending questions arisen from the clinical practice, to bring more information and tips for better clients’ response and to offer more tools for achieving the best and fast results when applying this fantastic technique:

Discussions and advices on difficult cases;
Therapist’ profession deontology – how to organize the clinic, self presentation, clients’ approach and proper case history forms;
Alternative assessment criteria and various approaches for non-responding cases – Physiotherapy and T.C.M methods – spinal nerves roots and their innervating arias, connections between meridians, associated muscles and appropriate Bowen procedures, biorhythm cycles;
New Bowen procedures, proper combinations for achieving fast results and many protocols for addressing almost all chronic conditions; e.g.:
Any thyroid contitions
Any misalignment of the spine
M.S. (multiple sclerosis)
Fibromalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
Immobile / stroke victims and parkinson
Highly stressed and depressed persons
Any problems in the reproductive organs
A.D.D. and / or A.D.H.D.
Lymphatic drainage
Kidney insufficiency

Course outline
2 days 16 hours C.E.U points.
Authorized and Endorsed by
The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

For registration, contact the Bowtech office in your country.